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Your Family at Church

Some Things You Should Know while in Church an etiquette lesson by Fr. David Barr (vol 2 iss 4)
Visiting a Monastery: A Guide for Parents (vol 3 iss 4)
Should Children Be in Church? by Joan Woodward Teebagy (vol 1 iss 2)
Five Very Good Reasons to Attend Church Weekly by Fr. Demetrios Kavadas (vol 1 iss 2)
Making It Simple: Worship and Children... survival tips for parents (vol 1 iss 2)
Children in Liturgy more survival tips for parents (vol 2 iss 4)
The Tale of a Lazy Parent Tips for drawing your child into the worshipping life of the Church... (vol 5 iss 4)
The Orthodox Liturgy, Part 1: The Preparation by Archimandrite  Alexander Cutler, with Some Things To Do (vol 5 iss 4)
I Don't Wanna Go to Church School... even more survival tips for frazzled parents (vol 2 iss 1)
Ways To Help Strengthen Family Life in the Parish ideas for family ministry (vol 3 iss 1)
Getting Ready for Holy Confession some tips & techniques (vol 3 iss 3)
Examining Your Conscience (vol 3 iss 3)
The Prayer for the Naming of a Child on the Eighth Day (vol 5 iss 2)
Helping Your Sons Serve in the Altar by Subdeacon Sam Slimak (vol 5 iss 3)
...and some Basic Rules for Acolytes (vol 5 iss 3)
The Orthodox Clergy Wife by Matushka Valerie Zahirsky, with Lots of Names for the Priest's Wife (vol 5 iss 4)

Your Family at Home

It's about Time: Redeeming the Time of Our Lives by Fr.Dcn. Nicholas Jannakos (vol 5 iss 2)
The Church's Y2K Calendar Dates for the Feasts in 2000 AD (vol 5 iss 2)
Getting Ready for Home Blessing (vol 1 iss 2)
The Family Altar: Establishing a Place of Prayer by Michael Hyatt (vol 1 iss 2)
Reinforcing Religious Education in Family Life by Michelle Jannakos & Leslee Abud (vol 1 iss 1)
The Power Of Personal Stories by Albert S. Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 2 iss 2)
Remember When? Some tips for effective story-telling, adapted (vol 2 iss 2)
Professional Help for the Organizationally Impaired: Archive Resources (vol 2 iss 3)
Ever wonder how to Create a Tradition? Here are some ideas! (vol 3 iss 2)
Reflecting on Your Family's Summer Activities (Two Tips) (vol 3 iss 4)
Table Talk ideas for starting meaningful mealtime conversations at home (Internet exclusive, vol 3 iss 3)
Ten Tips for Family Communication by Fr. Gregory Wingenbach (vol 4 iss 1)
Reflections…The Ten Commandments on How to Get Along with Other People (vol 4 iss 1)
Holy Scripture in Orthodox Christian Life (vol 4 iss 1)
15 Great Reasons to Read Aloud with Your Kids (vol 4 iss 1)
Preparing for the Feast: Family-Friendly Advice on Fasting, Prayer and Giving (vol 4 iss 2)
A Recipe for Koliva (vol 4 iss 3)
Prayer Primer by Fr. Thomas Hopko (vol 4 iss 3)
Some Orthodox Prayers (vol 4 iss 3)
A Prayer for Our Children… (vol 5 iss 1)
The Nicene Creed to print & memorize this summer! (vol 5 iss 4)
Parent to Parent: Talking with Children about Sex by Al Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 4 iss 4)
Laying the Groundwork for the Teenage Years by Ann Marie Gidus-Mecera (vol 4 iss 4)
Blueprint for a Family by Fr. John Dresko (vol 5 iss 1)
Enriching Your Life in the Orthodox Faith by Matushka Photini Henderson (vol 5 iss 1) …including Resources for Growing Families
StartingPoint: Teaching Your Children about God & Money (vol 5 iss 3)
Summer Camp You = A Lifetime of Memories by Lori A. Kochan and Reader Basil Kochan, with Some "camping" Things to Do (vol 5 iss 4)
Summer Fare: Fasting in Bountiful Times by Angela Hays (vol 5 iss 4)

Your Family at School

Prayer for a Child's Enlightenment from an Orthodox prayer book (vol 5 iss 4)
Making the Most of Your Children's Public School Education by Ann Marie Gidus-Mecera (vol 1 iss 3)
Taking God to School (vol 2 iss 1)
A Back-to-School Checklist for Families (vol 2 iss 1)
The Beginning of the School Year: Some Questions for Parents to Think About (vol 3 iss 1)
POP QUIZ: Are You Ready to Go Back to School? test yourself! (vol 3 iss 1)
Orthodox Home Schooling by Sarah Loft (vol 3 iss 4)
Why Choose a Parochial School? by Popadia Donna M. Freude, M.A.Ed. (vol 4 iss 1)
Caesar's Decree Repeats: A Crash Course in Census 2000 and Joseph & Mary Go to Bethlehem (vol 5 iss 2)

About Raising Children

Back to Basics: A Master Plan for Faith Growth by Delia Halverson (vol 1 iss 4)
A Child's Faith by Robert Snyder (vol 1 iss 4)
Talking To Children About God by Albert Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 2 iss 3)
Secrets of Loving Discipline (vol 1 iss 3)
Ten Worst Discipline Mistakes Parents Make… and Alternatives by James Windell (vol 1 iss 3)
Want to start a commitment to religious education? What Families Can Do edited by John Boojamra (vol 3 iss 2)
Who is teaching our children their moral and ethical values? by Archpriest Joseph Purpura (vol 4 iss 2)
Survival Tips for Parents of Middle-Schoolers/Early Teens by Christine Haymond, M.A. & M.O.M. (vol 4 iss 2)
StartingPoint: Getting Teens Thinking about Orthodox Marriage (vol 5 iss 1)
What's in a Name? by Albert Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 5 iss 2)
Talking to Children when Bad Things Happen by Fr.Dcn. Nicholas Jannakos (vol 5 iss 3)
Praying through Bad Times (Prayers for Parents & Children, vol 5 iss 3)

For Parents

Godmother by Kathryn Slattery (vol 1 iss 4)
Our Children & Their Godparents by Matushka Ann Lardas (vol 5 iss 2)
Tips & Techniques for Godparents (vol 5 iss 2)
Marriage & Family as Sacrament by Gregory C. Wingenbach (vol 1 iss 3)
Marriage & Orthodoxy from the Orthodox Study Bible (vol 1 iss 4)
Coming Closer… A bit about Orthodox Marriage Encounter (vol 1 iss 3)
The Spiritual Aspects of Fatherhood by Albert Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 1 iss 4)
My Vocation in the Family by Albert Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 2 iss 4)
Dad Time hints for building better relationships in the family (vol 2 iss 4)
Smart Dads Tips for connecting with your kids! (vol 1 iss 4)
Play It Safe making sure a playground is safe for your children (vol 2 iss 4)
Pastors of the Domestic Church by Albert Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 5 iss 1)
Silent Spaces, Silent Times by Albert Rossi, Ph.D. (vol 5 iss 3)

For Kids

The Tale of the Three Trees an American Folktale as told by Vasiliki Oldziey (vol 1 iss 3)
10 Cool Things You Can Do with a Really Big Box a kid's activity (vol 2 iss 4)
All About Bells by Natalie Ashanin (vol 3 iss 2)
The Saints Help Children, Too! reflections on prayer and asking for intercession (vol 3 iss 3)
A Lesson for Children: What Do Monks & Nuns Do? (vol 3 iss 4)
A Kid's Perspective on Monasteries: What I Did on My Summer Vacation (vol 3 iss 4)
A Princess Meets Her Guardian Angel by Mother Alexandra (vol 5 iss 1)

Spiritual Celebrations/Holy Days: Feast Day Resources

You Shall Call His Name Jesus: The Names of Our Lord and His Circumcision, January 1 (January 14)
Celebrating the Feast of St. Basil the Great: January 1 (January 14)
The Theophany or Epiphany January 6 (January 20)
The Presentation or Meeting of Our Lord February 2 (February 14)
The Annunciation of the Theotokos March 25 (April 7)
The Raising of Lazarus (celebrated the day before Palm Sunday)
The Entrance of Our Lord into Jerusalem [Palm Sunday]
The Last Supper (commemorated on Holy Thursday)
The Crucifixion of Our Lord (celebrated on Holy Friday)
The Resurrection (celebrated first Sunday after the Spring Equinox after Passover)
Pascha: The Christian Passover Passages from the Synaxarion
St. Thomas Sunday (celebrated the Sunday after the Resurrection)
The Holy Myrrhbearers (celebrated the second Sunday after the Resurrection)
The Meaning and Importance of Ascension (celebrated 40 days after the Resurrection)
Saints Peter and Paul June 29 (July 13)
and more on Celebrating the Summer Lent by Catherine K. Contopoulos (vol 4 iss 4)
The Transfiguration of Our Lord August 6 (August 20)
and more on Talking with Children about the Feast of the Transfiguration from the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration (vol 4 iss 4)
The Dormition of the Theotokos August 15 (August 28)
Remembering the Beheading of St. John the Baptist August 29 (September 11)
The Nativity of the Theotokos September 8 (September 22)
and more on The Nativity of the Theotokos
The Elevation of the Cross September 14 (September 28)
and more on The Elevation of the Cross
Resources for the Feast of the Elevation of the Life-Giving Cross
The Sign of the Cross, Hymnography of the Church, Making the Sign of the Cross, and Using the Sign of the Cross Everyday
Synaxis of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel and All the Bodiless Powers (commemorated November 8th/21st)
including Some Things to Do
The Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple November 21 (December 5)
The Nativity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ December 25 (January 7)

Spritual Celebrations

The Twelve Apostles - how did they witness to the Lord? (vol 4 iss 4)
Vassilopitta: A Recipe for St. Basil's Bread your family can made together! (vol 3 iss 2)
A Mother's Lenten Meditation by Dee Clark (vol 1 iss 3)
Ways to Share Great Lent and Pascha with Your Child by Ann Marie Gidus-Mercera (vol 2 iss 3)
Keeping Lent at Home by Nadia Koblosh (vol 3 iss 2)
There Is Always Time by Violet Leathers (vol 4 iss 3)
Prayer of Ephraim the Syrian (vol 3 iss 3)
The Fathers on Fasting & Beginning the Great Fast by Angela Hays (vol 5 iss 3)
What's in Our Pascha Basket? (vol 1 iss 3)
Pascha and the Family Basket by Fr. Gregory Wigenbach (vol 2 iss 3)
Pascha Talk: Explaining the Resurrection to Children (vol 2 iss 3)
Beyond the Easter Bunny Jellybeans can be more than just candy... (vol 2 iss 3)
An Egg-Shell Cross A family activity idea (vol 2 iss 3)
How to Celebrate Pentecost at Home by Fr. Anthony Coniaris (vol 3 iss 4)
A Family Cross: A Project for the Feast of the Elevation of the Cross(vol 4 iss 1)
Don't Pre-Celebrate Christmas! by Fr. Andrew George, edited by Phyllis Meshel Onest, M.Div. (vol 4 iss 2)
A Parish Family Celebration an Advent project that will last all year (vol 3 iss 1)
Will the Real Santa Please Stand? Inviting Saint Nicholas Into Our Christmas by Daria Gray and Jan Bear (vol 1 iss 2)
In the Spirit of St. Nicholas by Mike and Kathe Sherer (vol 1 iss 2)
What kind of Holidays do you want? (vol 1 iss 2)
Holidays and In-Laws Surviving the Christmas season... (vol 1 iss 2)
Catch the Christmas Spirit Ideas for celebrating the Nativity (vol 2 iss 2)
Help Your Child Discover the Real Christmas adapted (vol 2 iss 2)
What Can We Give Our Children for Christmas? by Dr. Violet Leathers, Ph.D. (vol 3 iss 2)
Restoring Christmas' Meaning (vol 3 iss 2)
The Other Gifts of Christmas: Smart Choices Can Promote Your Child's Development(vol 3 iss 2)
Suggested Books for the Christmas Season A resource list (Internet exclusive, vol 3 iss 2)
Patpinki and Grandfather: Remembering Holy Supper, 1948 by Mary Buchosky Toda (vol 4 iss 2)
Getting Ready for Home Blessing (vol 4 iss 2)
Slava: A Serbian Custom Celebrating the Baptism of Our Family's Ancestors (vol 3 iss 3)
Common Names and Namedays a listing of common patron saints' feast days (vol 3 iss 3)
Orthodox Saints of the British Isles (vol 4 iss 3)
Saints Called upon for Special Purposes (Internet exclusive, vol 3 iss 3)

Secular Celebrations/Holidays

Family Fun for the New Year A project for New Year's Day that lasts all year long! (vol 2 iss 2)
Renew Your Spiritual Life Some tips for a New Year in Christ! (vol 3 iss 2)
A Sweet Treat for St. Valentine's Day and Food for Thought (vol 3 iss 2)
St. Pádraig, Apostle and Enlightener of Ireland for the REAL St. Patrick's Day! (vol 4 iss 3)
Thank God for Mom! Showing Mom you care on Mother's Day (vol 1 iss 3)
A Special Mother's Day Activity Adopt a mom for the day (vol 2 iss 3)
Mothers in God's Service reflections on the calling of motherhood (vol 3 iss 3)
Beatitudes for Parents for Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day (vol 4 iss 3)
Celebrating Father's Day (vol 1 iss 4)
A Father's Day Project For Dad: Basil Plant and Poem by Linda Biando (vol 3 iss 4)
The Perfect Graduation Gift: "The College Survival Kit" (vol 1 iss 4)
Family Vacation Planning Tips (vol 1 iss 4)
Wedding Presents (vol 1 iss 4)
Celebrating the Saints: Three Summer Sundays with Some Things To Do (vol 5 iss 4)
When Home and School Clash... over Halloween, some advice for parents (vol 2 iss 1)
Thanksgiving, the Result of One Woman's Persistence Sarah Hale's mission of faith (vol 3 iss 1)
It's Not Turkey Ideas for a "thankful" Thanksgiving (vol 3 iss 1)
The Spirit of Thankfulness (vol 4 iss 2)

Current Events/The Secular World

Starting Point: Debunking the Horoscope Myth Background & an Activity for Teens & Their Parents (vol 5 iss 2)
What's luck got to do with it? by Fr. John Touloumes (vol 5 iss 2)
An Orthodox View on Child Abuse by Stanley S. Harakas (vol 1 iss 3)
Setting a New View! (vol 2 iss 1)
Heroes vs. Impostors... surviving Bart Simpson & the Power Rangers (vol 2 iss 1)
Television in the Christian Home from the OCA Resource Handbook (vol 2 iss 1)
Why Not Just Shut It Off? (internet only)
Family Time... how do you spend it? (vol 2 iss 1)
What the Orthodox Church Could Learn from Mickey Mouse (internet only)
There's a Mouse in the House: A Vacation-Time Reflection on Disney and the True Faith (vol 2 iss 3)

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