Dad Time

You feel good when your kids treat you like a king on Father's Day. But do you treat your kids like kings and queens by spending time with them the other 364 days of the year?

Paul Lewis, editor of Dads Only, squeezes time out of his schedule with these creative encounter ideas:
Body, arm, or even thumb wrestle your child.
Help your child with a chore.
Talk about the values behind a TV program or commercial you've just watched.
Write a thank-you not of appreciation and encouragement to another significant adult in your child's life, such as a Church School teacher, coach, or scout leader.
Give your child a back or foot rub.
"Kidnap" your child from school and have lunch together.
Together, fix and eat a bowl of popcorn.
Together, read aloud a chapter or psalm in the Bible.
Tell your child about five personal habits or traits you appreciate and admire in him/her.
Pray with your child about any problem.

Reprinted from Children's Ministry Magazine.

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