Renew Your Spiritual Life

Is your spiritual life in the doldrums? Jan Dargatz, author of 52 Simple Ways to Give Your Spiritual Life a Lift, gives the following ideas to help point you toward a deeper relationship with the Lord:

Recall God's gifts. List incidents from your own life when you have felt close to God. Share your list with family members and friends - especially experiences that will help others grow in their faith.
Spend more time with God. Pray for guidance as you evaluate your commitments. Look for what you can eliminate from your life. Ask, "Does this need to be done?" "Will this count for something five years from now?" "What happens if I don't do it?"
Talk about God. Talk with your spiritual father or mentor about how to grow in your faith and how to use it every day. Talk about Christ with someone who is at the same stage of their spiritual journey/experience. Talk about how the Holy Spirit works in your lives. Encourage one another to grow even more in understanding the Father and His Word. Pray for one another.

Adapted from the "For Parents Only" column, Children's Ministry Magazine, January/February 1993.

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