Getting Ready for Holy Confession

Set aside some quiet time for serious and thorough self-examination.
Write things down; it will help you get a better perspective on your particular issues and concerns.
Ask yourself if you really believe that the teachings of Christ are practical and applicable to your life in the world. Get specific.
Review events or situations in the past that you feel you could have handled better (i.e. in a Christ-centered way), in terms of your behavior, actions, attitudes and the kinds of decisions you made.
Review how you have responded to other people: With compassion or with disdain? With understanding or hostility? Selfishly or generously? Get specific.
Consider what is the only sin or the several sins which you feel most dominate your life.
Recite the penitential Psalm 50(51) to help in your prayers.

Taken from "Challenge", Orthodox Observer, March 1995.

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