Ways To Help Strengthen Family Life in the Parish

Urge family attendance at the Divine Liturgy on a regular basis. Plan a monthly "Family Sunday" program.
Encourage families to regularly receive Holy Communion together as a family.
Include in the parish calendar community events that can involve all members of the family: picnics, after Liturgy luncheons, family socials, film showings, athletic contests, etc. Work toward the goal of a "family oriented" parish.
Schedule a series of "family evenings" to include a lecture and/or Bible study [one adult section, one youth section], an open dialogue or discussion, a brief service with congregational participation, and refreshments.
Sponsor a "Church Family Conference". It begins on a Sunday morning with a narration of the Divine Liturgy, a special sermon, a workshop-drama "Worship in the Home", and an open discussion concluding at 3:30 PM.
Consider establishing a reduced family rate ticket for certain parish community events whereby all members of the family can attend at a family rate. This will encourage greater participation by entire families in community events.

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