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Winter 2000-2001 Edition

Current Issue (Volume 6 Issue 1)

Welcome to the Orthodox Church! A Guided Tour by Deacon Daniel Swires, with Some Things to Do
Embracing Love: The Platytera by Nicholas P. Papas
The Orthodox Liturgy, Part 2: The Liturgy of the Word by Archimandrite Alexander Cutler
Candy-cane Lore to share with your family
4 Preparatory Sundays to help all of us approach the Great Fast, with Some Things to Do
Expecting? Anticipating a new baby, with fasting tips for expectant mothers
A New Publication is Coming Soon! In Kolya's Classroom... 

Last Issue, Summer 2000 (Volume 5 Issue 4)

The Tale of a Lazy Parent Tips for drawing your child into the worshipping life of the Church...
Prayer for a Child's Enlightenment from an Orthodox prayer book
The Orthodox Liturgy, Part 1: The Preparation by Archimandrite Alexander Cutler, with Some Things To Do
Summer Camp You = A Lifetime of Memories by Lori A. Kochan and Reader Basil Kochan, with Some "camping" Things to Do
Summer Fare: Fasting in Bountiful Times by Angela Hays
Great Fasting Food Recipes: Red Potato Salad, Aunt Madge's Bean Salad, and Grilled Kabobs
The Orthodox Clergy Wife by Matushka Valerie Zahirsky, with Lots of Names for the Priest's Wife
Feast Day Resource: Celebrating the Saints: Three Summer Sundays with Some Things To Do
The Nicene Creed to print & memorize this summer!

Spring 2000 (Volume 5 Issue 3)

Talking to Children when Bad Things Happen by Fr.Dcn. Nicholas Jannakos
Praying through Bad Times (Prayers for Parents & Children)
The Great Fast in 2000...
a bit on prayer: Silent Spaces, Silent Times by Albert Rossi, Ph.D.
a bit on fasting: The Fathers on Fasting & Beginning the Great Fast by Angela Hays
More Fasting Food Recipes: Barbecued Vegetables and Honey Mustard Bread
a bit on Almsgiving... Starting Point: Teaching Your Children about God & Money
Pascha: The Christian Passover Passages from the Synaxarion
Feast Day Resource: The Holy Myrrhbearers
Helping Your Sons Serve in the Altar by Subdeacon Sam Slimak
...and some Basic Rules for Acolytes

Winter 1999-2000  (Volume 5 Issue 2)

It's about Time: Redeeming the Time of Our Lives by Fr.Dcn. Nicholas Jannakos
The Church's Y2K Calendar (Dates for the Feasts in 2000 AD)
You Shall Call His Name Jesus: The Names of Our Lord and His Circumcision
The Prayer for the Naming of a Child on the Eighth Day
What's in a Name? by Albert Rossi, Ph.D.
Our Children & Their Godparents by Matushka Ann Lardas
Tips & Techniques for Godparents
Caesar's Decree Repeats: A Crash Course in Census 2000 and Joseph & Mary Go to Bethlehem
What's luck got to do with it? by Fr. John Touloumes
Starting Point: Debunking the Horoscope Myth Background & an Activity for Teens & Their Parents

The "AskFather" Column

AskFather is dedicated to helping parents answer the sometimes-tough theological questions their younger children ask loudly in the middle of Divine Liturgy and over the dinner table, in words they can understand.

  1. Why is Father wearing white [vestments]? Why is he shaking that napkin [the aer] over the c'mmunion [Holy Gifts]? by Fr. Michael Monos

  2. What's the difference between luck and a blessing? Why do we say, "God bless you?" by Fr. Nicholas Hughes

The "FastingFood" Column

FastingFood is dedicated to offering parents encouragement and menu alternatives as they learn to fast with their families.

Introduction: Food for Thought by Angela Hays
Fasting Seasons in the Orthodox Church from The Orthodox Church
Red Potato Salad recipe
Aunt Madge's Bean Salad recipe
Grilled Kabobs recipe
Barbecued Vegetables recipe
Honey Mustard Bread recipe
Orthodox Frito Pie recipe
Wakki Cake and Fasting Chocolate Frosting recipe

The OFL Archives

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