Orthodox Saints of the British Isles

Families of Welsh, English, Scottish, and Irish background might enjoy learning more about the saints of the early Christian Church from that region. All those listed below were part of the body of the undivided One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - they were Orthodox!
St. Alban the First Martyr of Britain
St. Alcmund of Northumbria, King and Martyr
St. Alphege the Martyr, Archbishop of Canterbury
St. Bede the Venerable
St. Beuno of Wales
St. Brithwald
St. Cadoc of Wales
St. Ceallan (Helen) of Cornwall and Brittany
St. Cenydd (Kenneth) of Wales
St. Ceolfrith (Geoffrey), Abbot and Confessor of Wearmouth
and Jarrow
St. Dewi (David) of Wales
St. John Cassian, who brought Orthodox monastic spirituality
to Gaul
St. Melor
St. Ninian, Apostle to the Picts
St. Oswald, King and Martyr
St. Pádraig (Patrick) the Enlightener of Ireland

Taken from Deacon Geoffrey O'Riada's Celtic Orthodox Christianity Home Page on the World Wide Web (www.ncf.carlton.ca/~ai598). This site includes biographies of saints, translations of prayers and services into Gaelic, timelines showing the history of Orthodox Christianity in the British Isles, etc.

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