Create a Tradition

In a world filled with changes, children feel secure when they can count on regular family times together. Knowing they belong to a special group of people that cares about them - their family - strengthens this sense of security.

Think about some of the traditions your family has - things you do together regularly, such as bedtime stories every night or [making] pancakes on Saturday mornings. Why did your family start those traditions? What do you like about them?

Some of our favorite memories are of holidays. They're coming up fast, and now's a good time to plan for some annual family activities that your children will look back on fondly someday.

With your children, think of another tradition you could add - something your family can plan on and look forward to. How often could you do it? How will you make time for it? Here are a few ideas to consider:
Sunday afternoon walks
weekly visits to a park or playground
making…seasonal decorations
library visits one night a week
listening to a weekly family radio program
teaching each other a new song every week
special meals for birthdays

Try out your new tradition with your family. If it doesn't catch on, try new ones until you find some that everyone enjoys.

Reprinted with permission from The Ones to Grow On: [PBS] Channels 45/49's Ready to Learn Newsletter, Vol. 2, Iss. 1, October 1997, pp 3.

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