Want to be able to reflect on your family's summer activities later in the fall and winter?

Thanks for the Memories

Try the following idea we found in Healthy Kids magazine, August-September 1997, p.74:

Whenever people asked by daughter what she did over the summer, her answer was always the same - "nothing." So I decided to start a "funtime" book for her. Together we glued movie-ticket stubs, party invitations, drawings of vacation spots, and other memorabilia onto the pages of an album. Now when people ask her about her summer, they get an earful - and an eyeful.

[Ed. Note: If you make it to a monastery, be sure to take pictures of the chapel and the grounds and add them to your "funtime" book.]

Building Family Memories

Another idea comes from Children's Ministry Magazine, July/August 1993:

Have your children make an ever-growing travel journal. Have the children choose and purchase a picture postcard of each place you visit during your vacation. Have the kids record (help younger children write) a few key facts about the place on each postcard. Punch the left side of each card with two holes and add fastener rings to make the "growing" book.

(You could also cut card stock the same size as the postcards [3 x 5 or 4 x 6] as filler pages for journal notes or to which the kids could attach other items.)

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