Slava: A Serbian Custom
Celebrating the Baptism of Our Family's Ancestors

The Slava "is the anniversary of the day, a saint's day, that family's ancestors became Christians through the sacrament of baptism. This also became a day to celebrate the faithfulness and witness of God's saints. The signs of the celebration can be seen on the table: the Slava Kolach [bread], Candle and Wheat. And the central act of the day is the breaking of the Kolach at the table in the home. There are guests. The family's celebration truly is a celebration of serving others, of making sure every guest is happy and satisfied. Though there are guests who come each year, the home is open the whole day, for anyone who might stop. Ko god dosao, dobro dosao. This means, 'Whoever stops by is welcome.'"

Taken from Little Falcons, March/April 1995, p. 4.

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