Family Fun for the New Year

A project for New Year's Day that lasts all year long!

Materials needed:
Empty shoe box
Colored construction paper
Glitter, sequins, paper doilies and glue
Old magazines and greeting cards
3" x 3" cardboard patterns, one for each family member
Scissors and/or pinking shears
Markers or crayons

On New Year's Day, drag out all the craft supplies and decorate a shoe box together, the gaudier the better! Place it near the kitchen table, and label it "Family Fun Nights: 1997".

Give each member of the family a different color of construction paper, scissors, a marker or crayon, and a cardboard pattern.

Each member of the family should:

  1. Trace the pattern five times on the construction paper and cut out the shapes (Mom or Dad should help those too young for scissors).
  2. Write an activity that he or she would like to do for Family Fun Night on each paper shape, and illustrate the activities with pictures from the magazines and cards. (Mom and Dad may set some limits on the types of activities that can be written, based on cost, travel time, etc. Activities that cost under $20 and can be done in 3 hours are good for most families. Mom and Dad can add "TOP SECRET" activity cards to the box, for special treats or activities that fall outside the limits: a trip to the city zoo or science center, a "real" movie with popcorn and jujubes, etc.)
  3. Drop all his or her shapes in the decorated box, and shake well!

Each week, have the youngest member of the family or a guest at Family Fun Night draw one activity from the box. (The person whose color was selected this week does not get another turn until all the other colors have been chosen. This gives each family member a fair chance to choose an activity.)

For more on Family Fun Night, see "Home Together Nights" by Dean & Grace Merrill, in OFL, Fall 1995, pp 3-5. This activity adapted from the Focus on the Family pamphlet, "Let's Make a Memory," by Gloria Gaither & Shirley Dobson.

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