Sources for Lives of the Saints

Prices subject to change by without notice from the publisher/distributor. The Light & Life price is listed after the author's name. If another source carries the same book, its' name and cost are listed next. Shipping & handling charges listed below.

Orthodox Saints by Fr. George Poulos. 4 volumes, each gives over 100 2-page lives of saints as they appear on the church calendar [new]. $13.95 each/set: $55.80; GOA/DRE $13.95 each/set: $50

The Saints for All Ages series, edited by Constance Tarasar, four or five saints each, written for young people. Ten volume comprise series. $4.95 each/set: $49.50; OCEC: $40.00 the set of 10
Enlighteners of Ancient Kingdoms
Women Martyrs
New Apostles of Christ
Pillars of the Church
Rulers of Nations, Servants of Christ
Fighters for the Faith
Founders of Russian Monasticism
Saints of the British Isles
Poets & Hymnographers of the Church
Great Monks of the Desert

God with Us Children's Books by Lesia Savedchuk. $1.95 each/set of 5: $9.75
The Cross on the Hill: Story of St. Andrew
A Gift for Ivanko: Story of Ss. Cyril & Methodius
Hali's Wooden Cross: Story of St. Ogha [Olga]
Ihor's Big Decision: Story of Ss. Anthony & Theodosy
Peace at Last: Story of St. Volodymyr [Vladimir]

Life of Righteous Father John Wonderworker of Kronstadt by Bp. Alexander. $3.95

Life of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker by Nina Seco. $6.99; St. Vladimir's $6.00

Life of St. Nina, Equal to the Apostles by Nina Seco. $7.95; St. Vladimir's $6.00

Life of St. Seraphim, Wonderworker of Sarov by Marie Naumenko. $3.95

Life of St. Sergius, Wonderworker of Radonezh by Maria Naumenko. $3.95

Lives of the Saints and Major Feast Days by Fr. George Poulos. $7.95; GOA/DRE: $4.50

Lives of the Saints for Young People by Bishop Lazar Puhalo; 10 volumes. Each contains 12 saints, one for each month of the year. / Vol. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10; $6.50 for Vol. 7, 8; $4.00 for Vol. 3; Oakwood Publications: $4.50 for Vol.1-6, 8-10; $6.50 for Vol. 7

Sacred Stories from Byzantium by Eva Topping. $7.95; GOA/DRE: $6.95

The Storm and the Sea: A Story About the Life of St. Nicholas by Ann Marie Guidus-Mecera. $7.95

Women of God by Freda Upson. $9.95; GOA/DRE: $7.50


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OCEC, PO Box 69, Colvin Station, Syracuse, NY 13205
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St. Vladimir's Bookstore, 575 Scarsdale Rd., Crestwood, NY 10707-1699
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