Table Talk


Food isn't the only ingredient that makes a pleasant family meal. The mealtime ritual is important for both its social and nutritional value. "When everyone is apart during the day, it's frequently the only time to connect as a family. It's a time just to be together and to share with one another," says Janine Roberts, co-author of Rituals for Our Times (HarperCollins).

Whatever time you eat together, the same questions apply: How can we make the most of that time? How can we fill the time with laughter and open communication?

Start with these silence-busters. Have family members each:

Tell one thing that happened to them that day that is both new and good.
Tell how they saw God at work that day.
Tell about their ideal vacation.
Tell about a family tradition they enjoy.
Talk about a mistake they made recently.
Complete the sentence, "I hope..."
Discuss the difference between natural talent and spiritual gifts.
Tell about their ideal meal and where they would eat it.
Answer the question: If you had a chance to spend all day with a famous person, who would it be?
Tell about the person they admire most and why.

For more family mealtime ideas check out Focus on the Family's Table Talk by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg. Cost is $9.99 from Word, Inc., 8800-232-6459, (604) 684-8333 (Canada).

Reprinted with permission from Children's Ministry Magazine, March/April 1995, p.54.

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