Pascha Talk

Start your kids talking about Christ's resurrection with this idea:

Poke a hole in each end of some raw eggs. Blow out the insides. Fill some of the eggshells with small confetti.

Have your children break a few eggs that don't have confetti in them. Ask: How did you feel when you broke empty eggs? Were you surprised when nothing was in the egg? Why? How do you feel when you look for someone and can't find that person?

Read Mark 16:1-8. Ask: How do you think the women felt when they went to the empty tomb? How would you have felt?

Next, have your children break a few eggs with confetti in them. Ask: How did you feel breaking the eggs with confetti in them? Why is confetti used as parties and joyous occasions? How does Jesus' resurrection remind you of confetti and happiness?

Taken with permission from Children's Ministry Magazine, March/April 1993.

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