PARENT QUIZ: Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

Here's a quiz to see whether you're ready for a new year. Give yourself five points for something you usually do, zero points for something you never do, or any score in between.

  1. ______ My teen knows school-work is the top priority. Jobs and sports must take a back seat.
  2. ______ We have worked out a schedule that provides time for my teen to study every day.
  3. ______ I try to attend as many school events as I can.
  4. ______ I have signed up to volunteer during the year in class or a school activity.
  5. ______ I have met my teen's teachers and have joined the parent-teacher association?

How did you score? A score of 20 or above means you're off to a good start. Fifteen to 19 is average. Below 15 means you need to look for opportunities to become more involved.

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