The Perfect Graduation Gift: "The College Survival Kit"

June is the month for weddings, graduations and graduation parties. If you're looking for that special graduation gift, consider - "The College Survival Kit." Originally developed by Connie Keriazes from Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral / Camp Hill, PA for her Church School graduates, it has been adapted and augmented for this article. This is a gift that won't be forgotten.

In a brightly wrapped gift box place the following items:
Orthodox Study Bible;
a prayer book;
a Liturgy book;
icon of Christ or the graduate's patron saint;
a book of the lives of saints;
a sampling of topical booklets produced by Conciliar Press [$.95 ea. - Call for their catalog 1-800-967-7377];
a Church calendar;
the name of nearest Orthodox parish and the priest's name and phone number;
if there's an Orthodox Campus Fellowship on campus, provide the name and phone number of the contact person;
the names of any other Orthodox students you may know about at that campus;
a list of Orthodox sites on the Internet/World Wide Web;
a subscription to ...AGAIN magazine, published by Conciliar Press;
a note saying that arrangements have been made for him/her to receive the parish's monthly bulletin;
a personal note wishing him/her well and promising that you will remember him/her in prayer; and your address and phone number.

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