It's Not Turkey

It's togetherness, not turkey, that makes Thanksgiving a special holiday. Try these together-time traditions.
Thanks for the Memories - Think of people you're thankful for… the older neighbor who has tools to lend or the librarian who can find just the right book. Make thank-you cards for those people who have touched your lives.
Double the Pleasure - Have your children help make pumpkin pies. Double the recipe and donate one of the pies to your local soup kitchen, or share it with a shut-in in your parish/neighborhood.
Let the Games Begin - What can you do while the turkey's roasting? Get out the games. Each Thanksgiving, begin a tradition of buying a new game that appeals to all ages.
Healthy Habits - Make an after-dinner walk part of your family's tradition. Warn guests to bring walking shoes and winter coats.
Give Thanks - Attend your parish's or community Thanksgiving service before you carve the bird!

Adapted from Jr. High Ministry Magazine, October/November 1993.

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