Christ is for Everyone

adapted by Phyllis Meshel Onest, M. Div.

We often hear it said, "Christmas is for children." Of course it is for them, but not for them only. Christmas is for everyone. Christ is God's Gift for every person. St. Paul once exclaimed, "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!" Even though St. Paul was a well-educated, articulate man, he was unable to find adequate words to describe the meaning of the Lord's Nativity. Yes, Christmas is God's Gift for us all.
Christmas is for Children. God Himself became a Child. The Scriptures tell us that He was born of a woman, an obedient Child, and He grew in wisdom and stature.
Christmas is for Mothers. The Mother of the Lord, in all humility and simplicity, gave birth to her Son in a stable because there was no room elsewhere. Although today's women can enter every field of human endeavor, there is one vocation that is exclusively theirs: Motherhood. The glory and dignity of this role is evident when we look at His Mother, the Theotokos.
Christmas is for Fathers. Joseph was not Jesus' father, but His guardian, caring for Him, protecting Him and His mother on the journey to and from Egypt. He provided a home for his family, and he taught the Christ-Child an honest and respectable trade. This is still very much the father's role in life.
Christmas is for Workers. St. Joseph was a carpenter. The first people to worship the Christ-Child were shepherds. God loves the person who works faithfully and honestly, offering up his/her toil as worship. Jesus Himself knew what it was to be weary from toil and travel, and He spoke of the need to use life's talents lest we lose them.
Christmas is for the Poor. Imagine, God being born in a barn! From the stars to the stable, He gave of Himself to the utmost. Wealth is far from man's richest blessing. Down through the ages the poor have felt the nearness of the Lord.
Christmas is for the Wealthy. The wise men from the East brought precious gifts. Although they were men of some means, they knelt at the Lord's crib and they laid their wealth at His feet.
Christmas is for the Wise. Among the best educated men of the time were these three strangers from the East who had studied the scriptures and the stars. They were wise enough to seek the newborn King and to worship Him.
Christmas is for the Aged. Those whose work is nearly done, whose eyes are turned to another world, can say with Simeon: "Lord, now let Your servant depart in peace for mine eyes have seen Your salvation." Christ has come and they can now prepare for that place where there are no tears, no sorrow, no pain, no death, but life forevermore.
Christmas is for the Sorrowful and the Sick. This feast day of the Lord's Nativity tells us that God has not forgotten nor forsaken us. He still cares, still loves, still remembers. We may be lonely, but we are never alone. "Behold, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."

Christmas is not only for everyone, but also for every time. As we put away the tree, the symbols and signs of this feast, let us keep Christ and the spirit of Christ with us all the year, and throughout our lives. Only in this way can we truly observe the feast day of the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Based on an article by the same name in The Orthodox Weekly Bulletin produced by Vestal Publishing, date unknown.

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