What kind of Holidays do you want?

The "holiday season" is often so frantic, there isn't time to think about why we are celebrating, what we are celebrating, and how we are celebrating.

Before the Nativity fast begins, sit down with your spouse and/or family and discuss what you expect, and what you would like to emphasize, then plan accordingly. Which of the following are most important to you?

The Holidays are…
a time best spent with spouse and children
a time to renew ties with relatives and friends
a time for parties and entertaining
a time for traditions (old or new)
a time to shop, shop, shop!
a time for charity, both in action and monetary donation
a time to cook
a time to decorate
a time to travel
a time to stay at home for a change
a time for rest and reflection
a time for building memories
a time to celebrate the birth of Christ

Adapted from the "Stress" section of the Hope Health Letter, November 1995, page 4.

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