A Parish Family Celebration

Start a new tradition with your Church School or parish family this year. Have each child or family bring in an appropriate ornament with their name on it: choose one with a Christian theme or which conveys something personal about the child/family. Homemade ornaments are preferred!

Collect the ornaments throughout the Advent season, and then hang them on a prominently-displayed Christmas tree in time for the Nativity Vigil. (Consult your parish priest for his direction on when it is appropriate to set up and decorate the tree; many prefer that decoration not be displayed until after the Nativity is actually celebrated. From the Nativity until Theophany is "legal tree season" in our parish.)

Save the ornaments from year-to-year, and don't forget to add new ornaments for children born in your parish, and to ask new families to make and contribute an ornament during their first Advent season.

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