Catch the Christmas Spirit

Keep the holiday spirit with these ideas:
Place a small box with a gift-wrapped lid in front of the crèche (Nativity set) as a "gift for Jesus". Have family members each put money into the box a various times throughout December. On Christmas Eve, take the money to church for an offering, or give it to a needy family.
Help decorate the church or stuff bulletins.
On Christmas afternoon, visit and take favors to nursing home residents. This is an especially lonely time for people who don't have plans for the day.
Have neighborhood children over for a party, using the Christmas story as the main feature.
Invite your child's Church School teacher over for a meal or dessert.
Encourage the editor of your local newspaper to sponsor an essay contest for kids on "The True Meaning of Christmas."
Help an elderly relative or neighbor decorate for the holidays.

Reprinted from Childern's Ministry Magazine, November/December 1995, page 78.

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