Restoring Christmas' Meaning

How can you restore some of the real meaning of Christmas?

Remind each other what Christmas is all about. Recount Christ's birthday (Luke 2:1-20).
Talk over your concern with your spouse and other family members. Decide what you want out of the holidays, then relay your conclusions to others who'll be affected by your decision.
Discuss how much money you're going to spend on gifts. Then give a portion of that to your church [or an international outreach and relief fund, like IOCC - Ed.].
Do something as a family for someone who'll never know you did it. For example, secretly shovel a neighbor's front walk.
Give a gift of gratitude. Between now and the next holiday, talk about one thing a day with your spouse for which you're grateful. Or surprise each other with notes.

Reprinted with permission from the "For Parents Only" column, Children's Ministry Magazine, November/December 1995, pp. 77.

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